Iraj Tahmasb

Actor, Writer, Director


Iraj TahmasbBorn in Tehran, Iran in 1959, Iraj Tahmasb graduated from the University of Tehran in Dramatic Arts and Theatre, where he is now teaching in the Masters Program. As a teenager, Tahmasb taught puppetry, script writing and film making in varies institutes. His active professional career began in 1979, when he started stage performance and directing in theatrical productions intended for young audiences. Inspired by the revolutionary atmosphere of the period, he staged a number of plays, including An Eye For An Eye, The Bear That Wanted to Remain a Bear , (based on Jorg Stainer’s famous story), Olduz and the crows ,(based on a popular story by Iranian writer Samad Behrangi), A Pair Of Shoes For Zahara, and A Delicate Story.  Tahmasb is best known for his vastly popular theatrical Trilogy and  TV Series Kolah Ghermezi ( Red Hat and Cousin) which has achieved box offices all-time Records in Iran.


Iraj Tahmasb is a renowned Iranian actor, director, puppeteer, writer and producer whose work has inspired a generation of Iranian filmmakers.  His immensely popular Red Hat and Cousin TV series has sparked the imagination of three generations of Iranians and their parents.  His tenure in the Masters program of the Tehran University offers a unique educational platform that specializes in acting technique, theory and practice.  The Imagisti Creative Studio is proud to present Iraj Tahmasb’s unique teaching experience as senior instructor.


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