Sina Djam

Resident Imagisti


Romina Test Studio_2014-05-28_18-42-50_Sina 2014-05-2818-42-50_BPX4087_©Babak Payami 2014We are proud to introduce Sina Djam, another resident blogger who will be posting his blogs on the website and a lot of times annoy you with his meaningless jokes.

His parents thought they were having a girl, but it was September 1994 when they were disappointed by his birth. This big disappointment lived in Iran for the first 12 years of his life, and then he moved to Dubai with his family. Sina went to English school in Dubai for a year and after failing all his courses, his father decided to move back to Iran and once again he caused disappointment for his family. Sina got kicked out of the school in Iran for showing porn to his pals, so then his family decided to move to Toronto, Canada where Sina started Grade 8. He seemed to be doing just a little better but not the best kid his parents hoped for. Sina found his interest in performing in high school where he used to do stand up acts in class and get in trouble for them. Everybody at school loved Sina (he likes to think that). Sina was falling in love with the magic of cinema and performing arts and he got his first leading role in an Iranian feature film in Toronto. Sina then started film school, but never finished. Since then, Sina has been doing different experimental short films and interning at Imagisti. He is now awaiting to travel to Turkey for his new Feature film role. Sina’s dream is a better world (no its not, he just says that because he loves Michael Jackson.) His dream is to be the best actor of his generation.